Dhugasho draws from the rich oral history of the Somali people, “the nation of poets.” The magazine gives a platform to modern poets and writers from the Somali region of Ethiopia and is being distributed in the major Somali towns of Eastern Ethiopia.

Interest in reading and writing in Somali is high but has not yet been developed as a self-sustaining market in Ethiopia.

To feed that interest we launched Dhugasho to provide the 6 million Somalis in Ethiopia regularly with literature in their mother tongue. Ayaana Publishing has a branch office in Dire Dawa with a dynamic team of Somalis that are passionate about promoting reading in their own language.

In addition to the printed magazine Dhugasho engages its audience in conversations about literature and culture with a website and Facebook page.

If you would like to advertise in the magazine or publish content please get in touch with us.